12 years of blogging…😱 and Happy new year 🎉

Happy new year 2022, everybody! Wish you the best for this year, happiness, health, love and travel💖 I hope you keep your strenght in this complicated period.

Few day ago,wordpress remind me I blog on lesbetisesdecandy since 12 years and I was shocked. I wasn’t really good at posting in time and I have 150 draft but It’s quite incredible.

Since this 12 years years a lot of things happened… and I traveled a lot. Normally this year I would share you my travel articles – Copenhague one is in progress. I hope you will love them. I don’t know if I write only in french or in english too because I don’t know who is reading and I know google translate is not bad at all for english.

During this 12 years I grew but I feel I am quite the same about my passion. Even if I don’t really like the way Liz Lisa goes and the fact that old MA*RS has disappear I still follow them. My love for my vision of himelajo is still the same than when I was young and since few year I assume my taste more than before.

I stopped blogging some year but serveral blogger like Lizzie, Magical Kitty, Japan glossy and girls from Himekaji comminity help my wish to share again here. (I know that everybody prefer video like YouTube and tiktok, and instagram is now a way to share picture but I am quite nostalgic about reading and writing blog.)

So I want to share my 12 favorites posts of this 12 years:

(sorry some are in french)

1. [Kawaiilicious] mini-swap – Pluie de mangas (2011)

I am not sure that preview year article was interested. So I choose this article. It was about my first swap (I miss swap if somebody want to do one lol). Kawaiilicious was my first kawaii comminity. It is because of them I love sanrio, gyaru and Japan as much. I discover this culture in 2005 but kawaiilicious was my first step in a comminity. The website disappear in 2012 I think.

2. Nail party at diamant rose (2014)

My first step in gyaru community and the first time I wear liz lisa outdoor. This nail party was so awesome. It was also the first time I meet Noémie from Gyaransu.

3. Review- Liz lisa fukubukuro – classical ribbon boston(2014)

My first and last fukubukuro. I was a broke student and my parent accepted to offer me a bag from Japan. I was so happy and write this review.


4. Sailor moon review (2015)

I was also a broken student lol and I save the money my mother give me for eat to buy this product. (Don’t worry I ate xD but not expensive food. Lidl and happy meal from mcdo were my friend).

5. Umami matcha cafe x Hello kitty – part 1 (2018)

My first hello kitty event in Paris, omg I was so happy 💖 My sister come with me and take a lot of pictures. I live my best life with my hello kitty pokebowl xD Don’t judge me.

Avouez, ça donne faim!

6. Shooting – Sweet daisy, does he love me?(2018)

It was my first shoot and I was so happy. I couldn’t image that one day I was avaible to do some shooting and sharing my passion for japanese fashion (even if I don’t win money with that, ahaha). The photographe was lovely with me but because of a story of picture in private street we don’t talk together. It is quite sad..


7. Les Japonismes – Shiseido x Tomo – atelier dorayaki (2018)

During the Japonisme in Paris, there is a lot of activities about friendship between Paris and Japan. I did a workshop with Tomo and Shiseido and did a dorayaki. Don’t but it was my first and last time doing it xD But don’t worry I ate a lot of dorayaki since this day. I also meet the lovely Sidial from Japan Glossy.

C’est moi qui l’ai fait!

8. Liz lisa Ice Cream girl at Disney (2019)

One of my dream was to dress Liz lisa at Disney. And that was the first time I did it. We did so much fun with my friends.

A bientôt Disney Land Paris !

9. Brunch chez Violetta et Alfredo (2020)

It was the second time we meet Sheima. Before 2019, we use to be 3 in our kawaii girl Whatsapp group. Now we are 4 🤗 Like hello kitty would say « You can never have too many friends »

10. Hello kitty x Cathy doll – lipsticks review (2021)

There is no reason of sharing, just I like these product and doing this article😂. Do you try Cathy doll product ?

11. First nail at Yubi for my bday (2021)

My first gel nail art but not my last. If I was rich I would do that every month but it is quite expensive because I don’t do classical nail art. Yubi has become on of my favorite shop this year.

12. Shooting – Promenade à Montmartre (2021)

My last shooting of the year. I have some picture from may shoot and article about Albert Kahn but I don’t finish to edit them.. So I choose to finish but that.

I hope you enjoy this article that remind me a lot of memory. And I try to post more this year and maybe old articles lol. I have article on gyaru party, travel, café. So much to share…

I don’t know if I would share my goal of the day… Maybe in another post 😊




[Revue] Sailor Moon Miracle Romance – Poudrier/ baume à lèvres/ Eau de toilette

Comme je vous le disais dans mon précédent article, j’ai trouvé un magasin parisien, Manga Story, qui vend des goodies manga et comics dont ceux du 20aine anniversaire de Sailor Moon :) Quand j’ai appris ça il ne m’a pas fallu plus d’une semaine pour y aller mais j’ai fractionné les achats (3 « visites »)
J’ai donc craqué pour le poudrier, le baume à lèvres et l‘eau de toilette version rose, mes 3 coups de coeur de la collection Sailor Moon Miracle Romance. (les seuls?)
Les images de promotion du poudrier:



Et celles du parfum:




Les produits ne sont pas si différents en vrai qu’en photo. Le parfum est juste un peu plus petit que ce que je pensais. Ce qui m’a plus et me plait toujours c’est que les produits sont très travaillés et raffinés. Je trouve que ce sont vraiment de jolies pièces de collection bien que le poudrier et le baume fassent assez gadgets.


Voici quelques photos (attention, ça rigole pas! J’ai fait un petit décor pour vous montrer tout ça et que ce soit joli):








(je n’avais pas encore acheté le baume à lèvres du coup je n’ai pas de photo de l’ensemble…)
Miracle Romance – Eau de toilette – Sailor Moon (perfume) détail:


Le parfum a une légère odeur fleurit, assez baby -doll. C’est doux et ça pique pas le nez. Pour la tenue je ne pourrais pas vous dire je n’ai pas osé l’utiliser, juste essayé pour le moment.
Miracle Romance – Shining Moon Powder – Sailor Moon (poudrier) détail:



A l’intérieur c’est une poudre pailleté assez légère presque transparente sur moi. En fait ça fait comme des micro paillettes, c’est plutôt joli mais vraiment très discret.
Miracle Romance – Moon Stick Lipstick – Sailor Moon (baume à lèvres), détail:



Le baume à lèvres est assez classique. A part son design c’est un peu comme un labello. Niveau hydratation je ne peux pas vous dire je l’ai utilisé une fois. Je le trouve pas très gras or pour moi un baume se doit de l’être. Il a une légère odeur de fraise je trouve, mais c’est vraiment très très discret. Et il est vraiment joli.

Et vous, que pensez vous de cette collection? Avez/allez vous craquer?


Crédit: Bandai / lesbetisesdecandy

PS: J’ai fait une petite vidéo mais je n’ai pas pris le temps la monter du coup ça sera pour plus tard.
Ps2: traduction en cours…