Daily life : shopping day – daiso inspiration


I start a new section of blog because it’s to sad to post only « well prepared » article.

My new section would be daily life blogging, youhou! Because sometime I do a lot of things. Maybe not interested but things that could be cool to share.

So this week was really tired! I work a lot in home office. I finish to assemble my desk from Leroy merlin few days ago so I feel relief to have a place to work. Before, I worked in my bed with a single screen. Not confortable at all…

After I put some deco and lace

For Xmas my parent offer me a computer so I have a second monitor now.

I would change the door button by flower ones I show you in my article about Himekaji bedroom inspiration.

I love assembling thing, diy and make some change in my room and appartment. I feel sad to haven’t anything to assemble now xD But I have to clean and tidy up !

As I create my room I am looking for Shabby Chic trash in Amazon and Japan website. But there are so expensive…or aren’t my style. So I decide to order a print and a trash and doing mine. (At left my inspiration, at right mine)

I hesitate to add lace on the trash bin or more print.

Last weekend, I go at my parent house and their favorite shop « Noz ». I found some Daiso inspirate boxes. You know « Maison Clement »? Now it’s « Linge de maison ». There are only white and purple and some pink items so I take more white and purple items. I feel so happy to find these boxes.

After that my dad teach me how to cook an african food « ablo » and leaf gray.

It was a lovely weekend.


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