🇬🇧 A day in Paris : Galentine day and Sheima birthday

Little disclamer: we didn’t go out often or see a lot of people during this period. Barrier gesture are always really important.

Last day, for the birthday of our friend Sheima and valentine day, we spend a day and night at Paris.

I hesitate a lot of what to wear this day and finally decide to wear my liz lisa bomber, white lace top with a jean and gyaru make up.

Bomber: Liz lisa

Top : off brand

Jeans: Jennyfer

Shoes : nike air max City Paris

Yeah it could be strange when you know that we live in Paris suburb but stay in a lovely parisian hotel is quite useful with the curfew because of covid. And on of our intention was to spend a night in a lovely parisian hotel for valentine night and that our friend didn’t lose her credit of airbnb.

The hotel was in one of my favorite district (with pyramide/opéra ) near Grands Boulevards and Richelieu. Not far even from Violetta and Alfredo, the place we go a year ago for her birthday. Another era, without fear of covid, lockdown or curfew even if it was the beginning of the news about it. February 2020.

I arrived late as always at our rendez vous point Pyramide, the Japanese District of Paris. There were to much people in the front of kmart, so first we went to cafĂ© Kistune. It didn’t know this cafĂ©. I drink a white matcha, even if I don’t like matcha. My friend told me that White chocolat with matcha is the best taste ever. It is the best matcha latte of my life!

We order quickly our meal for this evening in the road because it was already 4pm and curfew is at 6pm. Complicated life with covid.

Then we do to ace opera in order to take snack for this night. And when we was walking to Ace we discover a cute shop who sells flower shaped chocolate. So cute and perfect for Valentine day!

Each of us took a small box with 3 chocolats: black, milk and a red one, our valentine present for ourself. And we share a big box for evening. A night of food excess for me xD

Look at how beautiful the boxes and chocolat are!

Then it was time to gather our meal and go back to the hotel.

I talk to much.. so this is some picture of the hostel. We took picture outside too. I would post another article.

Our meal was cold but delicious. Shiso burger another name to know for asian fusion food. I take ebi burger (shrimp) and sweet potatoes chips.

We end the date talking a lot, watching a movie, drinking tea and eating candies and chocolate. It think it was good day.

See you!


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