Review: Etude House Ice Cream nail polish + nail art

Hi sweeties,

I plained to post this article for an age but with the start of school I forgot. So, I post now.
I tried some new nail art inspired from Ada with my precious Ice Cream nail polishes <3.  I take a picture of what it’s look like and of my nail art. I hope you appreciate :3 If you follow my instagram you must have already saw them.


What it look like. I take screen of the nail polish with one , 2 and 3 layers (pictures in order). I think 3 is better because, there are few glitters.


The botter is totally cute. I buy because of that and the color. The paintbrush is a quite smal but it’s not so diffult to apply the nail polish. Then some picture of my nails!


two hands



That all! Tell me what you think about ^w^
I think I will buy the other Icream Polish from Etude House, and maybe Jasmine Picture Polish because it is quite similar and I love the color (lavender <3)

Image from  The Race Faces Philes

Ps: Dear santa I wish a true camera for Xmas. Phone Camera quality ><
Ps2: Some picture of my last shopping: