[look] Sweet daisy, does he love me?

« A daisy does not pretend to be a Rose. Be tre yo yourself – you are AWESOME just the way you are » – Unknow

No! No! I didn’t fall in love. Few month ago, Liz lisa launch another « Coordinate Olympic Summer » which start for my birthday may the 25 of 2018. I would like to participate with beautiful pictures that why I ask an acquaintance who is photographe, if he could be ok to make some picture with me.

I found the perfect, little road in Paris few months ago. But unfortunately one of the homeowner who was fed up of people shooting in their road, violently chase us away… They are the only pictures I can post here because we don’t see the houses (I haven’t the others by the way XD).


On that day, I have decided to wear on of my favorite liz lisa dress of this summer, my yellow and white daisy dress. Even if, yellow was not my favorite color I felt in love with this dress. I really love the patter, the little waist lacing and the fact it’s an off shoulder and we can make a knot.

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