🇬🇧First nail art at Yubi for my Bday

Since few months, I dreamed to make my nails. Some girls I follow on blog and instagram have such lovely nails everytime. My favorites are nails made in Japan or Korea with « gel ». I think japanese nails are always beautiful and sophisticated.

Even if I’d done my nails several times, as you can see in my articles, and I participated to a nail party , I haven’t done my nails out of my house, by a professional. By the way, I really wanted to try « gel » nail art like japanese girls.

Because of covid the Yubi japanese nail artists in Paris, where I want to go was closed. So I wair until the opening May the 19th. Few day before my birthday, youhou!

I have a lot of ideas in my head so I can’t choose what to do… The nail artist helps me to choose and made me some suggestions. After few minute, I decide to mix a jewel hello kitty bow, because hello kitty is my addiction, dry flower because of spring and « french » nail with golden.

Normally before the rendez vous, it’s better to send some picture of what you want to be sure it’s the correct service offer you choose. Mine was a mix between nail art fancy (90€) and volume (120€) because I forget to send pictures and choose more expensive one 😅. The next time, because I really want to make another manicure, I would send a pictures because I know what I want « summer vibe »😊

The performance take 2h.

All the woman who work at Yubi were really lovely and kind. We talk about Japan, trip, my passion for sanrio and they compliment me for my nail art. Even if I am not artist like them and mine aren’t perfect.

I was really sad because after 2 days all the ribbons felt because I wash plates without gloves and cleaning my hands often.

I would tell you about the holding after 3 weeks. But I know is I would go avait to yubi in the future.



Instagram account: @yu_bi.fr

[Nail Art] Inspiration Liz Lisa « nordic x floral print » ♥

Depuis que je ai reçu mon pull, je jubile. Je le shoot à toutes les sauces XD, même si je ne le porte pas tous les jours (il est à lavée d’ailleurs, bouh) avec son jumeau marron qui fraichement débarqué. Obsédée moi? Jamais… Bon ok, un petit peu beaucoup. Mais l’obsession ne s’arrête pas là, j’avais envie d’un nail art similaire. Cette idée me trottait déjà en tête depuis un moment mais je n’avais pas de plaque de stamp adéquate du coup au free style avec mes petites mimines. Ce qui donne des traits pas toujours droit, des fleurs un peu grossières, et un résultat pas top niveau mais que voulez vous, la technique ça s’apprend et pour un début je suis plutôt satisfaite.

Since the day I received my knit, I am a little bit fool. I take a lot of picture, I wear it often, although I don’t wear it everyday (currently, it dry, bouh) with his brown twin which arrived today. Obessed? Never ever. Ok, just a little bit, very much. Futhermore of my obsession, I wanted a similar nail art art .

Mr pull beige et son jumeau brown

Pas si simple de manier le dotting tool

Happy New Year o/ + abandon du blog :p

Bref à part ce nail art que dire de plus? J’ai fait un peu les soldes x) / Then I do some shopping! Sales <3


Des jolies escarpin de chez Eram

Et des bijoux (bagues la montre est un cadeau de noël de 2010 il me semble)

Je suis un peu dans ma période hime-kawaii: fleurs, rose, motifs tout doux. Et pour combler le tout je refais une addiction pour le lolita ayant découvert qu’en plus des belles robes – pas spécialement portable au boulot – il y a aussi quelques petits trucs assez discrets avec de beaux motifs et pas pleins de dentelles (même si j’adore aussi) Alors je cherche maintenant des petits accessoires originales mais discrets. Pour n’en citer que quelques uns, voici une petite sélection

I am in my lolita-kawaii period: flower, pink, soft print and colors. I was totally addict of some lolita items. I discover some cardigans which are more discreet without a lot of lace (despite I love that). Cardigans I can wear at work for example. Now I’m looking for accessories and clothes more discreet but cute. This is a selection of my favorites.