୨୧ ChouchouEtte , the new Liz lisa Chambre à coucher? ୨୧

Liz lisa have annonced a new brand called « ChouchouEtte ». It seems to be a revival of Chambre à coucher. The launch would be the 9th of April!

Some pictures run on instagram and twitter but I can wait to see more!

The name in French is quite funny because « Chouette » is a sentence of happiness and « Chouchou » could be use like a lovely nickname, for someone you like.

If you remember, Chambre à coucher was the old Liz lisa brand for room items. I finished near 2013, I think. Quite the same period than Jugetta.

If you remember, few month ago they launch my melody bed items: pillow, plaid/carpet, roomwear and room shoes. To be honest I buy nothing because all the items are cute and simple but not like « Chambre à coucher » with flower everywhere.

Then I was late to buy, ahah. I think what I prefer were the pillow and roomwear. I am not fan of the carpet/plaid. I have an old my melody one which is more my style.

I am exciting because Japanese items for bedroom are always cute and well design like Romapri or beluna-noa.

I hope the new collection would be awesome because I always regret the old bed cover and pillow set from « Chambre à coucher ». So the 04/09 I would be F5 to be sure to see this new brand coming.

I am lucky to post again about Liz Lisa and I wasn’t exciting since a long time.

See you!


Source: Chouchouette_official

Pictures from : Liz lisa – Tokyo Kawaii Style/ Romapri and me


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